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"The New Android Phones are HERE!"

Simple Mobile™ is, well, simple.

The hottest products, outstanding service, and absolutely no compromises. It's the freedom of mobility without contracts, credit checks or hidden fees. Simple is more than just part of our name. It's our approach to doing business. Keeping things simple is what we do best.

Freedom of Choice

H2O® Wireless offers flexible and affordable wireless plans to meet your lifestyle. Whether you are looking for all-you-can-use unlimited plan or simple yet wallet-friendly budget plan, you have come to the right place. Come on, what are you waiting for?

Simple. Smart. Convenient

Prepaid plans are easy to start with no contracts to sign and no commitments. Prepaid plans are smart because it is easy to add more to your account through PINs and you keep your minutes unless they are used. You only need to replenish once every 120 days to keep your line active.

Plans that will shock you.

No contracts. No credit checks. Switch to Zapp and keep the same number!

Americas Largest 4G Network

T-Mobile’s Value Plans offer you the best rate plan pricing on America’s Largest 4G Network.

Monthly Unlimited w/Shrinkage

Welcome to Shrinkage - an easy way to save. Here's how it all works. For every 6 on-time payments, Boost will lower your monthly payment by $5. While it's best to make regular on-time payments each month, payments do not have to be consecutive. If you miss a payment you don't have to start over. The on-time payments made to the account will still be credited towards your next savings milestone.

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