Activate Your Phone On Page Plus

Requirements to activate your own phone on Page Plus cellular service.

Check to see if your phone is compatible with PagePlus.

  • Must be CDMA type
  • Phone does not have to be e911 GPS enabled, but it is preferred.
    For safety, a E-911 GPS enabled phone can help to locate you when you call 911.
  • Phone must not have a unpaid balance, or be reported stolen on any carrier.
  • Phone must have been in-active on previous carrier for at least 30 days.
  • Phone must be a digital mode phone for over the air activation (OTA), text messaging and data services.
  • Local phone numbers may not be available in all areas.


NEW, Unused Verizon PrePaid Phones such as the Samsung U340, 350 and Motorola W5500 are not able to be activated on PagePlus at this time. USED prepaid phones will work.

You will need the phones Make, Model Number and ESN (Electronic Serial Number) off the back of the phone. This is printed on the phone, under the battery. The ESN is in either a 11 Digit Number, or a 8 digit Number and Letter combination.
Sample Picture DEC Format  11 Digits (Numbers Only)
Sample Picture HEX Format    8 Characters (Numbers + Letters A-F)
MEID 14 Characters, Numbers + Letters A-F (Normally Starts with A000000 or A1000000)

Our Sales Department activates phones Mon – Sat. Activations can take up to 48 hours in some cases, but generally takes less than 12-24 hours. We will E-Mail you your phone number, and activation instructions when the activation is completed.

You can also call in your activation to us at

New Activations Include $2 of Airtime FREE (16 Min or 25 Text)



There is a $10 Activation Fee for Customer Owned phones.
There is no charge for phones purchased from us.

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